Sunday, 31 July 2011

Happy BC Day

Happy BC Day to you all,  Well this continues to be an unusual summer. With the cool weather the fruit is ripening later than is typical. We only sell what we grow and for the first time in our history we were not open for the two long weekends of the summer due to no fruit to sell!!! having said that we thank all our customers,returning and new, for your patronage. We ended up having a good cherry season in spite of the late start date and fewer trees. Today I began to pick early peaches and I am hopeful that Glohaven peaches (freestone) are only a couple of weeks away from harvesting if this sunny weather continues. Get your canning jars ready! The plums are beginning to colour, as are the nectarines. They all look great. I trust you are all enjoying the extra day to spend with family and friends. Be well, laugh lots. Mel

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