Monday, 11 July 2011

Welcome to our Fruit Blog

Hello everyone. This blog will provide the reader with a wealth of information about our orchard, Casa Del Mell located in the Sunny Okanagan. We will be uploading photos throughout the year of our orchard and surroundings and keep you posted on when the different varieties of fruits become available. As well, we will share some of experiences in becoming orchardists - some of which are quite amusing. We have learnt mostly through trial and error - alot of trials and lots of error! Now 3 years in, we have managed to bring the orchard to a place where we can provide excellent quality fruit for sale at our authentic roadside fruit stand or fulfill orders to our many "phone-in" customers.

Bountiful Cherry Harvest!

The Orchard in Blossom!

We encourage your comments and suggestions and please do stop by often to check out our new pictures and information about Casa Del Mell Orchards. Please visit our website for more information as well!

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  1. mmmm.... your cherries are exceptional. I'm looking forward to your posts on this blog!